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As Blobstar moves around coins and shells become stuck to his body. He can only carry a small number of shells before he can no longer collect things. To make room for more coins Blobstar needs to shake the shells off his body. Remember however, any shells you keep on Blobstar will be added to the points total at the end of the level.

Blobstar needs nourishment during his travels. Look out for tasty fish, as they will help Blobstar grow in size and strength. Once Blobstar reaches a certain size he can split into smaller parts, which may make collecting treasures easier. Blobstar needs to pick up all the coins and pearls in each level to continue to the next stage of his quest.

Look out for nasty fish and other things that can hurt or kill Blobstar!

Good luck Sir Knight. The Queen wants to see her treasury grow!


  • Arrow keys.
  • 'A' to split Blobstar into smaller stars.
  • 'S' to group adjacent Blobstars together again.
  • 'D' to shake off shells from Blobstars body.
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