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The objective of the game is to find as many words as possible from a scrambled word. To do this either click or drag a bubble with a letter to the area inside the rectangle and click submit. The words must contain three or more letters, the words are worth 1 points for 3 letter words, 2 points for 4 letter words, 3 points for 5 letter words and so on. The total number of words possible is shown on the left side of the game screen. Here you can also see which words your opponents have taken. There are two timers, one showing the total time until the winner is declared and one showing how much time is left until a new word is selected. There are 2 modes, nice mode where every player can take all words and mean mode where only the first player who takes a word will score for that word. In mean mode a new word is selected if all words are taken by any player, in nice mode this happens if all players have taken all words.
At any time chat messages may be written by typing on the keyboard, the chat messages are sent to the other players by pressing the return key.

Every Scrambler game is 10 minutes (private games can be 5, 10 or 20 minutes). The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner. If you are a registered member the highest score you have received will be stored after a game is over (only 5 and 10 minutes games). Depending on several factors you will also receive (or lose) ranking points after a game. Beware, if you log out of a game already running you will lose the same amount of ranking points as you would have if you lost the game. However, if you enter a game that is nearly finished and don't wish to lose ranking you have a short time to get out of the room without losing ranking.

Game Settings

There is a tab called settings in the lobby that allows you to turn the in-game music on/off as well as the sound effects. You can also turn off the auto clear functionality.

Mouse point and click.


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