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Verti Golf is great 3D minature golf fun with lots of great courses and obstacles to overcome.

Tips & Tricks
Verti Golf uses a highly accurate real-time physics engine so can seem unforgiving sometimes. To master the game takes patience and time. Here are some tips to help you along.

  • Always view the hole [view hole button] before you play it for the first time
  • Don't always assume that all pipes lead the right way
  • Don't think that you always jump forwards over ramps
  • Hole 4 - shoot the ball up the tall ramp then squeeze it between the ramp and bottom of the ball return.
  • Hole 5 - aim for the right-hand metal edge of the bridge entrance to bounce yr ball onto the bridge
  • Hole 6 - hit it too hard rather than too soft
  • Hole 10 - use the slight indent near the first blocker to line you up to go over the pipe to the right on your 2nd shot
  • Hole 11 - if yr 1st shot land you near the bridge entrance, putt it back up the slope for a chance of gettin down in 2
  • Hole 14 - good hole in one chance here - use the pipe!
  • Hole 16 - another hole in one chance - it's all about bouncin once on each step.

Mouse Button Click left mouse button then drag mouse to position your putter swing.
Space Bar Press to start back swing, release to swing putter. The further you pull back the harder the swing.


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